The World Slowed Down

Jun 24, 2021 | Skin Stories

Louise sitting in a chair looking down at a journal

The world slowed down, and to be honest – I liked it.

For the first time, in pretty much my lifetime, there was respite from ‘life’. The world went on pause, pressures dialled back, and I found permission to be in the here and now.

When previously my mind would have been in 3 different places, working on umpteen different things, I now discovered the pleasure of focusing on and accomplishing the ‘one’ task in front of me. How delightful it was.

By fortune and design (and a lot of hard work) my business was positioned to endure and grow within COVID world. I cannot express the gratitude I felt; that I could remain afloat. And yet, as time has worn on, so have I felt worn away.

Apart from the brief interlude around March, it has been 6 months since I have worked in the room with clients. The work I do has been restricted (no facial work) and encumbered (added safety & cleaning protocols) since the first re-opening at the beginning of COVID.

I’m really good at coping with challenges, one could even say a life-long pro. And to be sure, I have done all the things to maintain good mental health. But at this point I must admit I am struggling; feeling untethered and adrift in this world of unknown outcomes and direction. Finding that everything takes such effort.

So. Not. Me.

And then it struck me…
I have not worked in the way I know how – unfettered and in flow – since this whole thing began, leaving me separated from the purpose and joy of my work.

Therein lies my challenge. And a lesson.
What to do?

Part 1 – The realization. Sit with it. Bike as much as possible. Try not to watch too much Netflix and definitely not get a kitten.

Part 2 – Seek the way out. Re-evaluate, re-arrange, re-boot. Note: still in formulation and may be for some time.

I am always one for process, in all things, and particularly in life. COVID of course, is no different.

Here’s to sinking in, and rising out.

👆 Kind of enjoyed this. Says it in a nutshell.