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In the beauty treatment arena today there are so many treatment levels, options, and modalities. If you are looking to do more in-depth work with deeper results, micro-needling is a practical, affordable step up in medical facial treatments. It is particularly influential in targeting surface lines and wrinkles, uneven texture and acne scarring and can slow down the aging of the skin.

If you prefer a more organic and natural approach to supporting your as a whole skin as it ages, micro-needling is a sound alternative to fillers, and complimentary to them. Not to be looked at as a one-time or one-off treatment, a course of treatments is needed to achieve result potential. That said, the cool science behind micro-needling is once your series is complete the effect continues to work in the skin and requires annual maintenance only once or twice a year. A perfect age-proofing approach especially as you approach your forties.

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Micro-needling is a recognized and reliable result based clinical procedure. A handheld machine pen with surgical needles makes tiny perforations in the epidermis and dermis triggering a healing cascade. Effective for aging symptoms targeting fine lines, wrinkles, loss of volume, and treating acne scarring. Long lasting in result, virtually painless and with little post treatment recovery it is ideal for more serious skin rejuvenation. Minimum of 3 in a treatment series is the recommended starting point.

The treatment itself is quite painless as the skin is numbed prior. Brought to pin-point bleeding to trigger the healing cascade, the skin can be flushed and have little pinprick dots after needling. A cooling, hydrating hyaluronic mask with peptides is applied help to calm and treat the skin before you leave. The following day the skin will still show with some redness and pinprick dots but thereafter resolves and heals quite quickly. Typically, the skin is fully healed within the week. A post procedure home kit is provided along with homecare steps and instructions.

What people are saying

Louise introduced me to microneedling about a year and a half ago. After several treatments, I’m thrilled with the results. Surface wrinkles have all but disappeared, deeper wrinkles have significantly reduced, and no new wrinkles have appeared. As a 65-year-old woman, I only wish I had known about this ten years ago!

Starting micro-needling in my mid-30s had incredible immediate benefits on my skin - the texture and tone improved significantly, and my fine lines disappeared. I’m also seeing remarkable long-term benefits to the treatment that will help me age naturally.

Common Questions and Honest Answers

Micro-needling is a corrective treatment, not to be thought of as a facial alternative. Going deeper, but not too invasively, it is an excellent choice for acne scarring and a key strategy tool in age-management of the skin (fine lines, wrinkles and collagen stimulation).

Greater result requires greater commitment in time, and budget. A minimum of 3 is the starting point in a series to achieve results.

Honest truth: it is not worth investing in micro-needling unless without a good home care program in place. Home care is key to supporting treatment and for a continued result.

You’ve decided to take the plunge and want to get the result, now get ready. First, ensure you are using a well-rounded home care regime. Not only vital for skin management on a day-today basis it will support and extend the result of your treatment. Treatments are timed every 5-6 weeks, so find a time and day that you know you can commit to.

The day after treatment you can still be flushed with redness and little dots, but that will quickly dissipate. Best to plan a quiet day at home. No makeup or product other than treatment serum is applied the following day – so do it in comfort! Thereafter the skin bounces back remarkably fast. Day 2 onward you can apply makeup. Within the week you will not even know you had a treatment!

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