Overcoming Acne Issues

It’s a little bit surprising that I haven’t talked about acne yet. Perhaps it is because of the sensitive nature of the struggle. It’s personal, right? 

As a skincare professional, I have helped many clients who have struggled with acne. Suffering from acne can be soul-destroying. I have witnessed the sense of helplessness that comes with it and understand the discomfort and emotional impact it can have on one’s self-esteem and confidence. That is why I am extremely motivated to help resolve this problem for anyone who seeks me out.

A Holistic Approach

I approach skincare holistically and believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. While acne can be a common concern, it can have various causes and triggers – that is why I take the time to understand each client’s unique history, their skin type and listen to their goals. I also know from experience that the best way to treat acne is through customized, medical-grade skincare. 

While many over-the-counter products may (emphasis on may) provide temporary relief, they often contain harsh ingredients that can irritate the skin and cause more harm than good in the long run. That is why I only work with skin care products backed by science and formulated with safe, effective ingredients. Oh, and that other important factor: because they work.

The Magic of Treatments 

Where daily at-home care is the foundation and starting point to resolving acne, in-person treatments are the game changer and where the magic starts to happen, especially when it comes to deeper concerns. With a variety of options and some especially effective peels, treatments can be customized to your skin with some stellar outcomes.

A Story About Winning the Battle Against Acne

A lovely young client of mine had been struggling with acne and came to me for help. Without going into the bitter details around the lack of medical support and intervention, and with no other trusted help on the horizon, it was frustrating and depressing, to say the least. Waitlisted on what ended up being a very long wait for a dermatologist, I started working with her. 

We began during COVID, which brought extra challenges. When in-person treatments were not possible, home care was the first line of defence. When she came to me, she did have an array of medical products but didn’t know how or when to use them. I started by re-calibrating her prescription. The adjusted program began to work better and show results, but it was when we were able to resume treatments that we started to make real progress.  

Nothing happens overnight. To address and resolve severe acne such as this, without the intervention of medication (and the side effects that may come with that), it WILL take time. Give it about a year. This route requires patience and diligence, especially with the home routine – but is so worth it. With the stops and starts of COVID, it took just over a year. And by the time the appointment with the dermatologist came around 15 months later (!), the acne was resolved.

Trust the treatments. Trust the timing. Trust the process. And trust that there is hope AND resolution is possible. It has been an immense pleasure to be part of this skin journey, I am so happy that she trusted me and the process.

Working with Acne

I get that acne is such a difficult condition to deal with, and I want you to know that I’m here to help. Whether you’re struggling with breakouts or have other skincare concerns, my goal is to provide you with personalized, effective solutions that work for you. 

By taking a comprehensive approach to skincare and working with medical-grade products and treatments, we (yes, we, because it’s my problem now, too) can achieve clear, healthy, glowing skin that you can feel confident in. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a consultation with me to start your journey toward the skin you’ve always wanted. Great skin IS within reach.

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