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Do Not Be Afraid of The Peel

The term chemical peel is not something to be afraid of – or shy away from! It is simply a product that is used to work quickly, effectively, and most importantly – safely on the skin. I must confess – I LOVE peels – because they correct, transform, and treat the skin. When it comes to treating acne, texture, pigmentation and rejuvenating the skin, they are extremely influential without being invasive. A big step up from a traditional facial, Peels are transformative and affordable. And before you ask; not all Peels will make you peel! Read on and I will explain.

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The Perfect Peel For Anyone

Rejuvenating Chemical Peel
$185 - 60 Minutes

With immediate impact, this lighter peel approach provides multi-layered custom exfoliation and hydration leaving the skin glowing and rejuvenated. Using peel ingredients that do not promote flaking or peeling it is a great ‘anytime’ option for healthy beautiful skin.

The peels used in Rejuvenating Treatments do not cause the skin to peel in the same way you might see with a Glow Peel treatment. The purpose is to refresh and brighten the skin leaving it glowing and healthy at the end of the service.

When it comes to Rejuvenating Peel Treatment, Lactic and Lactic/Glycolic blends are the acids of choice and can be used safely on most skin types – even sensitive. Beginning your service, your skin is always evaluated to assess the right approach at that moment and choose the best peel product to fit your needs.

A rejuvenating peel is a great choice if you are looking for a maintenance facial for your skin. Yes, there is a spicy moment when the peel is applied (it doesn’t last long), but it is also about ‘you time’. Focusing in on you and your skin the treatment combines layered exfoliation with hydrating masks and therapeutic touch. A perfect event or ‘red-carpet’ glow facial.

Glow Peel
$190 - 60 Minutes

Glow Peel is a corrective peel product that goes deeper to treat and resolve skin issues especially concerning texture, acne and pigmentation, and is effective in age-management of the skin. This is the type of peel that can make you…well, peel! And that’s a good thing!

Not to be confused with the infamous Sex in the City episode and a very red-faced Samantha, rest assured this is not ‘that’ kind of peel. The peel treatment itself will have moments of elevated action on the skin and can be quite ‘spicy’. The spicy sensations pass quickly and at the end of the treatment you will be pleasantly surprised how fresh, dewy, and healthy your skin will look.

The big question: When do I peel? The post peel process is different for everyone. Typically, the peeling part will start 2-3 days after the treatment, continuing for anywhere between 2-5 days. Usually within one week of the treatment you are through the process.

Post treatment you will have a detailed guide of the do’s and don’ts including a home care kit to use the week after your peel. Just follow the easy instructions and you will sail through your post peel week to glowing skin at the other end!

Glow Peel is a blended peel formula by AlumierMD (7% lactic acid, 7% salicylic acid, 7% resorcinol). When you are looking for a more pronounced result to deal with concerns such as texture, uneven skin tone / hyperpigmentation, signs of aging and acne issues, this is an all-round performing treatment. To attain best result potential a treatment series (3) is recommended to start.

Customized Peels


Peel formulas and treatment approach have evolved significantly over the past two decades. The standard now involves sophisticated formulas and intricate layering, ensuring elevated treatment and exceptional peel results. With a personalized approach, each treatment is crafted specifically for your unique skin.

Rest assured, peels are safe and controlled in capable hands. Having worked with all skin types, I’ve witnessed the full benefits that peels can provide for everyone. Whether you’re a peel novice (and a little nervous) or have specific concerns, trust me to guide you with the right approach and coach you through your treatment. You’re in safe hands.

Common Questions and Honest Answers

It feels ‘spicy’ and can be a little intense when peel product is applied on the skin, but the sensation passes quite quickly. Remember, peels work quickly and more effectively on the skin so you get better results. It’s worth the short period of discomfort for an awesome result.

Very simply – the depth at which the peel works and some peeling!

A rejuvenating peel does great work to refresh and revive your skin and there is no post treatment peeling affect. There are no changes to your routine, and you continue with your regular home care after. Ideal for that extra glow for any special upcoming events.

The Glow Peel or corrective peel treats the skin at a deeper level and peeling will occur as a result. Many think that peeling will happen immediately – not true. In fact, once this peel is completed you look fresh and dewy. A home care kit comes with this treatment and is used for about one week. Peeling (the question that everyone has) starts somewhere between 2-3 days after the peel. This is why I recommend Tuesdays for peel – so you can go through bulk of peeling on the weekend! P.S. It’s worth every flake of skin.

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Louise and I have been working together for more than 10 yrs. It really is working together; I know she's invested in my success, I've stayed with her because she "gets me"

Louise is a skin genius. Her astute advice and chemical peels have smoothed my skin and evened out my hyperpigmentation. She's somehow managed to make my skin look better in my 40's than it was when we met in my 30's.

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