It’s Your Skin Story

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“I just want to leave the house and not have to wear makeup”
(says almost everyone)

Who doesn’t love a transformation? More than words, it is the proof that there is hope and a solution to a problem. If you came here first, then perhaps that is what you are looking for.

Your face IS what you put forward into the world. Whether you are experiencing big issues or small, it can deeply affect your confidence, right down to the way you move. Change can sometimes happen quickly, and in other cases it’s a slow and steady road to transformation. But change can happen with the right ingredients when you commit and follow through.

Different issues and different skin types are shown here. Some results shown here were achieved with just home care products. More severe skin concerns like acne, required regular facial treatments.

My daughter went to her dermatologist appointment today after a 15-month wait. The doctor was very impressed with her skin and said "What Beautiful Work" you did!

We are so grateful for your care and support. We appreciate that you are here for us on this journey. Your wealth of knowledge can never be underestimated.

Thank you so much,

Sometimes there are no bathrooms where I travel – but my skincare is always with me!

Not wanting to resort to medication, this young teen followed his home program faithfully. Along with regular treatments over a period of a year his acne resolved.

Guys Need Help Too

Little did I know when I tagged along to a visit to Louise’s studio that it would be a game changer for my skin. Noticing my acne and especially the shaving zone on my neck, Louise made some recommendations sent me home with samples. Now I know how my skin should feel! It doesn’t hurt any more and my neck is no longer ravaged after shaving. I feel great about my face!

Connor, 23

After coming off birth control after 10+ years and trying to navigate my hormonal skin on my own, I felt lost. After seeing Louise, I finally have control over my skin again!

Deciding to work with Louise wasn’t just about trying to clear my hormonal acne, it was about having control over my skin, feeling confident in my skin and taking care of my skin for the future.

Prioritizing my health by taking the time to do my skin care routine first thing in the morning and right before bed has not only been great for my skin but is one of the calmest moments of my day.

My skin is glowing. This is still during my time of the month. I’m in shock.

I moved and couldn’t find my underwear or my skin care. The first one was an issue, but the second was a serious problem. I can’t live without it!

I like having good skin. It’s been so long

Doing my skincare morning and night is now part of my routine – I truly can’t miss, not even on the night of my bachelorette party!

I'm completely amazed at the transformation of my skin in such a short time. All of a sudden, I realized 2 weeks had already gone by where I hadn't used a drop of foundation

I have come a long way from slathering diaper rash cream on my nose and lip. No more red raw face in Winter thanks to Louise!

Louise has taught me a lot about my skin, what works for it and what doesn’t. Most valuably, she’s given me skincare advice based on what works with my busy life.

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(Goodbye, guesswork!)