Wondering… What do I do again?

The realization and effect of being disconnected from my work for so long.

What do I do again?

Of course I know what I do. But I have been seriously asking myself that question in the last while, waiting to see how the answer returns.

As life begins again I am reminded of how the world was. Feeling in particular the churn of what is required to participate, let alone thrive.

I realize it’s not so much the question of what do I do, but; where do I fit in? How does that work, and what does that look like. Or more importantly, what do I want that to look like.

It feels like an eternity since this all began. This roller coaster of sensations, feelings, and worries. But, when the world went on pause it also offered up a break from the push, pull and noise of life. The grip of busyness and demands that held so much sway for a time lost some grip on us.

In there was a chance to step away from many of the things we thought so necessary. Find some quiet. Discover and re-discover a slower pace. Time to evaluate and examine. Undisturbed. For the first time in I don’t know how long, I turned over my phone in the morning to a blank screen. I’m not going to lie, it was sweet relief.

Living through an unprecedented time has changed us all.

As re-entry begins, what learning can we bring with us? Unlike the post-vacation high that disappears within 24 hours, what can be permanently imbedded for the better – whether it personal life or professional – or both.

What good stuff do you want to hold onto?

For me, there is no going back to how it was before. It all has to mean something. An opportunity to reset values.

It is hard to stand strong in the principles and values we aspire to when prevailing forces continuously peddle the philosophy of more, faster, higher, bigger. Hard to ignore all the influences too, when on the surface everything and everyone looks so seductively sparkly, successful n’ all.

But when the world slowed down life kind of went on didn’t it? The speed of life and all it contained, so much of which seemed important, suddenly wasn’t. Within it a chance to immerse more fully and mindfully into the moment, the task, the connection and enjoy that less can lead to more. Call it ‘The Slow’.

I really liked The Slow. I want to hold onto it. Ingrain it into my work and my life. Experience all ‘the things’ more fully. Going slower didn’t mean letting go, or weirdly, being less productive in the end. Conversely life became richer – in all kinds of ways.

How to maintain? Well. Therein lies the challenge.

So here we go again world. Let’s see if we can do a little better. Live a little fuller. Remember that it can be done a bit differently, because now we know this.


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