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The Right Starting Point for Your Skin.

If you have been struggling with skin issues, had a bad facial experience or just don’t know where to start, these are the facial choices for you. Leaving peels aside, we let enzymes do the work to exfoliate, and custom masks to detox and hydrate your skin.

A very safe and worry-free approach, this also provides a great opportunity to both assess and treat your skin. This is a perfect starter treatment if you, or your skin, is not quite ready for more active ingredients. Don’t worry, you will still get your glow on! The right facial choice and medical grade ingredients always make a difference.

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Your Introduction to Advanced Medical Facials

Don’t worry about picking the ‘right’ facial – that’s my job! I’ll customize your facial to match your unique skin needs. The cost depends on the layers of personalized treatment. Here’s a simple breakdown of pricing based on the ingredients and layering.

Allow a generous hour for all treatments.

Foundation Facial
The Starter Treatment $140
Facial Level 2
Exfoliation, Detox & Hydration $150
Facial Level 3
Exfoliation, Detox & Collagen Mask $160
The Quickie
Targeted Treatment $90

The Modern Age Facial: Personalized

Medical-grade skincare has been a revolutionary game-changer in the beauty and skin health industry. Not just a one-size-fits-all approach, now you have access to personalized treatments and products that can genuinely transform and correct your skin.

I choose to work with medical-grade skincare because it provides real and long-lasting results. It’s not just about skincare; it’s about healthier and more radiant skin in the present and making ready for the future.

Providing both relaxation and results I invite you to come experience the fusion of technology, expertise, and genuine care.

Common Questions and Honest Answers

The common thinking is with change of season, but there really are no rules. If you are having issues with your skin – breakouts or buildup on the surface, then a facial is a great way of cleaning up and re-generating the skin. After a facial the skin functions better and products are more effectively absorbed and therefore work better.

One facial will do good work, but when it comes to fixing deeper problems, it requires a series of treatments (3 is the typical base) to make more profound changes in the skin.

What people are saying

I would (and have!) recommend Louise to anyone looking to get started on a skin care routine, looking for a glowing facial, or someone who has a real issue they need solved.

I always leave feeling fresh faced, glowing and beautiful. My confidence is always at it’s highest after a facial with Louise.

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