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Dear Acne Sufferer,

I know how confidence crushing and uncomfortable it is to suffer with acne. If you have tried it all and are still going nowhere, let me tell you there is good news; acne does not have to be a permanent condition and can resolved. In fact, it is one of more easily resolved skin conditions!

How so? Medical-grade ingredients my friend. They are the game-changer when it comes to treating and resolving acne.

Whether mild congestion and clogged pores or deeper inflammatory concerns, take the most meaningful step of your skin journey with me, and become one of the many who ‘used’ to suffer from acne.

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Tailored Solutions for Clearer Skin

Deep Acne Treatment Session

$185 75 Mins

Acne Therapy Treatment

$130 60 Mins

BHA Acne Treatment

$100 45 Mins

Working with combination of exfoliating enzymes and salicylic based peels along with hydrating, soothing masks. Each treatment is customized to meet your needs.

Treatment will be determined according to the level of attention needed to treat the skin and perform extractions.

Know that...

Nothing happens over night but change and transformation can happen when you follow the course.
To achieve meaningful results, and depending on the severity of the acne, treatment facials are a factor.


Facial treatments are effective but are one aspect of a complete solution when it comes to fighting and resolving acne.
Following a regular regime with home care products is integral in the equation for success.
In fact, a home program with medical grade products alone can often resolve general acne issues!

What people are saying

I believed myself to be a lost cause and genuinely doubted Louise could do anything for me, but boy was I wrong! Louise changed everything for me!

I’m so thankful and relieved that Louise took the time to address my concerns. Once you work with Louise she is absolutely determined to come to a solution.

Common Questions and Honest Answers

Good question! Especially if you have tried it all. They will make a difference not only because they come with professional advise (which is key), but most critically because they are a ‘medical grade’ product. Medical grade products includes a level of purity, concentration, selective actives as well as elements like pH. This is done with a purpose – to treat very specific skin conditions or concerns, under professional direction. This means they are potent, pure and efficacious with the highest concentrations of active ingredients. This is different from over the counter products (OTC) you see in department stores and drugstores that smell nice, feel nice and are, for the most part, quite affordable. OTC products are designed to keep even the most sensitive skin types safe, and designed for the masses containing lower concentrations and buffers to prevent potentially irritating the skin. Medical grade ingredients truly are the game changer when it comes to correction. And please note…even though a brand claims to have been developed by a physician or endorsed by physicians – it does not make it a medical grade product.

Acne can be complicated which means it is critical to understand the individual factors and take a step by step approach to addressing your skin. The skin may already compromised by a hit and miss approach using over the counter or online products, and by doing some of the wrong things at home (no water is not enough to wash your face and dehydrates your skin, to name one). Often addressing acne means pairing acne fighting ingredients along with calming ones. For example: in situations where there is a lot of inflammation in the skin and sensitivity, we must address this first before we can get to the acne. This is why every approach is unique to the individual.

Yes it’s a thing! Often is it because you have overcompensated with certain ingredients that ends up stripping / dehydrating the skin. This can leads to a further cycle of acne because of increased oil production as the skin tries to compensate. While medical grade ingredients make the difference in treating acne, the correct balance and pairing of products is necessary to not only break the cycle of acne, but to do it without unbalancing the skin.

So frustrating and so common – you are not alone. And yes I can help! Again, it comes to the right course of products and the correct approach for your individual skin. But know there is hope – book in for a consultation and see.

The million dollar question! Results can come quite quickly with medical grade ingredients, but it isn’t magic (although there are times it feels like it is!). Depending on the level of acne allow for between 3-6 months in general. For more severe cases it can take up to 12 months to fully resolve the skin. The line is not aways straight so patience, commitment and sticking to the program is a must.

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