You might have been ready for an in depth piece addressing all of your technical questions and concerns about Botox. Those who know me know my approach involves more than just the surface level. My perspective on Botox is no different.

It is not my job, expertise, nor jurisdiction to verify whether Botox is a good thing or not; whether it is safe or unsafe. Full disclosure here because I want to be perfectly candid: I am in support of what women want to do with their face and have no issues with the idea of Botox. That is, when it is used as an enhancement, rather than a solution.

Steering away from the push on the preventative approach, such as Baby Botox for the 20-somethings, let’s consider the bigger picture of what we are looking at, because in the end it all comes down to the same thing – caring for your face.

The notion of a quick fix is of course alluring but lacks substance below the surface. Undoubtedly, with the overwhelming social pressure in the pursuit of perfection and looking younger, longer, it’s easy to understand how we are continually confused and diverted from what is important and meaningful. Not to mention the cha-ching $$ factor.

Botox (fillers, and the like) are a targeted and temporary approach that fix one aspect of aging (fine lines, wrinkles, lifting) at the surface of the skin only. From an age-management perspective, it is a temporary intervention that resolves the specific. It’s a symptomatic and superficial approach versus a holistic one. When it comes to caring and looking after your face, from youth through to maturity, specifically with aging in mind, the most significant element necessary is a regular and quality skin care routine. Yes. It really is that simple!

Like everything in life, if we build from a solid foundation first, we create a recipe for success that serves now and in the future from a base of strength and stability. The same applies to caring for your face when managing the aging process. Start, focus, and maintain your skin with the proper care and routine. Then you can build on it. If the time comes when you want to enhance or tweak something, fill your boots. If you have taken good care of your skin, it will only enhance and preserve the overall result of your treatment. It makes everything better! And maybe, (well actually not even maybe, but probably, when done right and with the right guidance), you will not need intervention as soon, or perhaps, not even at all.

I know that in the end your skin will look better longer when you have cared for it doing the right things, with the right ingredients, at the right time. I can say this with my hand on my heart because I have seen it repeatedly, and I live it.

The secret sauce is start out how you mean to go along. Get coaching, advice and direction from an expert like me. Be consistent (so simple, but powerfully significant). Wash your face morning and night – don’t skip! Follow your program. You will be amazed how much better you will look, and how you will feel – for real.

It’s an exciting but complex world of options out there. This is but one insight. It is always my pleasure to discuss your personal needs and answer your questions. I may not always have the answers immediately, but you can be sure I will find them!

PS. To my lovely 20-Somethings who are considering the idea of Baby Botox. First things first: invest in a simple, but effective program with the right ingredients for you. And wear sunscreen. EVERYDAY. Let’s chat! That’s what I am here for – to help make sense of it all for you.

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