Sunscreen – why are we still talking about it?

I always explain the obvious (and not so obvious) benefits of sunscreen, and the importance of it as part of a daily routine. I make a very good speech about it if do I say so myself. Not discounting that everyone already has enough stuff floating around in their brain, in the moment, pretty much everyone agrees with the principles of why. That is until, I check in again.

I wonder why is it that we continue to have this conversation?

It also seems to me that amid the frenzy of information published out there, the overarching principles and practice of using sunscreen are overlooked. And there you are spending time, taking up space in your brain, deciding whether or not sunscreen will be applied today. C’mon, you all know who you are.

Setting aside the conversation about the overall ingredients (because that is already in the addressed AlumierMD sunscreens) lets see if we can make it stick.

It has been proven that…

The primary cause of aging is due to sun exposure (UV/UVA)

(Yes, that’s a fact)

But there is another aspect or nuance relevant to this equation that we don’t always connect to. (This is the piece in my speech that I get very excited about).

Free Radicals

(The other major cause of aging)

Free radicals are the other major cause of aging, robbing our skin, working hand in glove with UV exposure like a sneaky pair of thieves. Here’s the thing, unlike the UV (and blue light) sun shining/not shining conversation, free radicals don’t give a hoot – they are in us and around us, all time. That is why we need antioxidants in our products, like vitamin C, to combat them.

During the daytime, your lovely face (the most exposed piece of your body) is working double time not only to protect itself from free radicals but also from UV exposure. When you apply a protective sunscreen finish, it is protected and will function and work better. And that my friends, is the best age prevention strategy EVER.

Next time you see a sexy age-prevention product and find yourself tempted, but don’t have sun protection in your arsenal, think again. This comes first.

We all want to stay younger, longer. No one can be blamed for wanting that. In reality, age-prevention may be more motivating, but also keep in mind the more serious impact of skin cancer due to exposure. At least know that protecting your skin in the pursuit of beauty will also safeguard you from this very real issue and concern.

So, here’s the deal. Just do it and stop thinking about it. Remove it as a conversation in your head and move on. You have better things to do with your life. Period.

If you want the best ingredients along with safe protection, I recommend AlumierMD formulas. Based on clean science, and absent of harmful chemical filters, they are not only safe, but offer additional treatment ingredients beyond the basic sunscreen product.

Sunscreen Super Heroes

My favourite daytime finish hands down is Sheer Hydration SPF.

In a stroke of brilliance, AlumierMD has combined superhero antioxidant, age-prevention fighting ingredients in an SPF 40 for a multi-functional, moisturizing, daytime protective layer. As a result, your skin will not only be protected but it will function and perform better.

For sensitive, rosacea and acne prone skin, niacinamide soothes and relieves redness and sodium hyaluronate hydrates in Clear Shield SPF 42. Combine Bright & Clear into your am program (as pretty much everyone should) to include anti-oxidant ingredients in the form of vitamin C.

Be it is not for me to re-write the book. If you want to read more in depth about sunscreen ingredients and the reason why there are no chemical filters in AlumierMD sunscreen here is a relevant article about Chemical Filters in sunscreen.

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