New Year, Old-New Routines

I stopped making New Year’s resolutions many years ago. I found that too often, resolutions were driven by social pressure, connected to an unwanted or negative attribute – something we didn’t like about ourselves. It felt unhealthy to me, like a counter productive approach to ‘self-improvement’ that only pitted me against myself. And, similar to the packed gyms in January that would slowly empty in February, these resolutions were unsustainable.

Is there not enough pressure in the personal improvement department coming at us from out there? Enough already!

Changing Yourself vs. Setting Goals

On a mission to move towards sustainability, I adopted a different mindset and chose to set goals over changing something. This felt like a more positive approach. There was also less guilt involved if things went south.

Entering this new year however, at a time when “struggling” is a generous description for most of us, goal setting wasn’t even on the horizon for me.

COVID fatigue, seasonal darkness, and the ‘open/not open’ merry-go-round was taking a toll. So instead, I aimed for a goal of Less. “Less” being defined by hunkering down into simple, and very fundamental routines centered around well-being. I’m talking the basics of normalcy, like showering and getting dressed, eating well, cooking meals, regular work outs. And I’m not going lie, I watched a lot of Netflix.

Then something wonderful happened. My goal of Less helped me to find the energy for More.

The Power of Routine

I truly believe that routine is one of the secret ingredients to happiness! Great skin care, like life, is propelled by simple routines. And just as important as the ingredients, is that little ol’ aspect of ‘doing’ a routine. But often the ‘why’ is overlooked and forgone.

During my consultations I spend time with you explaining the specific benefits you can get out of a balanced routine, especially when it is a challenge to maintain. Understanding the things that might get in your way can help foster commitment to your routine.

Doing both a morning and night routine can be a challenge. Nighttime especially is challenging at the end of a long day when you just want to fling yourself into bed (I too have been that person). But without it, all potential results for your best skin now and in the future, are lost. Inconsistency in your skin routine can also have negative consequences on your skin in the long term.

If it is a slog right now, hang in there! Here’s a different way of looking at the reason why your routine is important.

Feed your Face!

I invite you to think for a moment, about treating your face the way you do your belly. Because, like breakfast and dinner, morning and night routines are of equal importance for the face.


Sure, your face doesn’t look dirty because you haven’t been anywhere except your bed. But it has been a while since it was last fed and it hasn’t had anything to drink since last night, and now it has to go out into the world, look great and take care of itself for goodness sake. Be nice and give it some breakfast. Protect and treat your face so it can function (and look good) throughout the day.


Your face still might not look dirty. And unless you wore makeup, you might not think there is any need to wash. Plus you are tired, so it is the last thing you want to do. Overlooking the dirt, debris and build up that collects on your face during the day? Let me ask you: would you go to bed without dinner? Be kind and serve your skin dinner. Clean and nourish your face so it can rest and replenish, just like your body.

We all know the skin is a living organ. But somehow, we tend to detach from the idea of our face as part of that living entity and frankly, neglect it. It certainly won’t complain in the same ways as our body when it is hungry. But next time you think about skipping, remember this and match your actions to what you want from your skin. Your face will thank you!

Wishing you great success in all your routines, whatever they might be.

Xo Louise

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