Meet Sandra, 36 years old. A success story and more…

I kind of love how my first meeting came about with Sandra. Back from deployment Spring 2018, we pulled off a video chat from a mall in Halifax – because hey, that’s just how things work sometimes. Sandra came along when I was beginning to work on my Skin First approach, and the meeting marked my very first video consultation.

Sandra’s skin journey is a perfect example of the results you can achieve when you work with an effective, quality medical-grade skincare like AlumierMD. Cleaning up pigment damage was the major goal. Approaching her mid-thirties, it was equally the perfect timing to establish a solid program for great skin in the now, and for the future.

Sandra’s Story – Before

I had never been one for a daily routine prior to working with Louise. I just used body wash on my face daily when showering. After years of poor skin care and numerous deployments to desert areas with the Canadian Armed Forces, I developed dark patches all over my face (extremely noticeable on my cheek bones and across my forehead). I am fair-skinned, and the patches were VERY noticeable and made me so self-conscious.

I bought into a pyramid scheme and after spending lots of money I was not getting the results I had hoped for. Then on my last deployment to Egypt in 2017 my friend Pam (who was already working with Louise) introduced me to some of her AlumierMD products. The products worked really well on my skin, and I was hooked!

Before: May 2018. Hyperpigmentation, we’re coming for you!

What was it like working with Louise?

Upon my return from my deployment in April 2018, I reached out to Louise to inquire about products and ask for help with my skin. She set up a video chat date (she was so accommodating as I live in Halifax Nova Scotia and she is in Ottawa) and we did a face-to-face chat with regards to my past skin care routine (which was nothing), what I wanted from my skin care, and where I envisioned my future.

She was extremely professional and very approachable and easy to talk to! Right off the bat, she was up front, explaining that it was not an overnight fix, and it would require a commitment from both myself and her. I agreed to the terms of the commitment and in short order, Louise had my first routine done up and emailed and I received my products in the mail. When I received my product, Louise took the time on another video chat to show me how to apply the product and how much to use. I was in shock with how a little bit of product went such a long way.

Within 3 months of use, there was a HUGE difference in my skin. I was getting comments from friends and family – telling me I was looking so healthy and that I was glowing. I even showed some before and after photos to my local beauty salon. They could not believe the change I had seen already!

October 2018. 6 months in, making great progress

Sandra’s Story – After

It has been 2.5 years since I started my journey with Louise. I do not regret one second of it. I now consider Louise a friend and when I travel to Ottawa, I make sure to see her. We still do quarterly checkups via video chat and Louise is always accommodating when I go to various parts of the world with my job, tweaking my skincare routine to aid in the climate I am going to (whether to the arctic or the desert). She is VERY professional, and I have recommended others to her, even from Halifax. I continue to get praise from friends and family and comments on how down to earth and helpful Louise is. Her organizational skills are impeccable! My skin looks the best it has in decades. I will forever be in Louise’s debt for helping me look and feel the way I do! THANK YOU! ❤️

Jan 2019. Mask night with the Enzymatic Peel – fresh and glowing!

A skincare plan tailored to her needs

It began with an 8-month plan laying out a comprehensive program of day-to-day basics along with the corrective ingredients needed to resolve the pigment. Because this was an at-home treatment approach, and pigment damage quite significant, we used a combination of AlumierMD serums to tackle the deeper corrective work. Alternating pigment fighting serums were combined with a light .25% retinol to help lift the pigment and stimulate cell turnover. We reviewed progress and re-evaluated when it came time to replenish or switch over as seasons changed.

Nov 2019. Glowing with Jane Iredale mineral powder

Makeup was the final touch. As an extension of great skin care Jane Iredale mineral powder does all the things you want from a great makeup, and more. Not only good for the skin, it provides added protection with mineral SPF and leaves a natural finish without that “makeup” look. We found Sandra her match and she started using the aptly named Golden Glow!

Great products – thanks to AlumierMD – deliver amazing results. The other critical ingredient is commitment. Sandra has been successful because she committed to the plan, the process, and followed her routine faithfully. This is not entirely surprising from a well-regarded military professional! She was a dream to work with and it so rewarding to see her goals achieved. 2+ years down the road, I love seeing her face, and skin(!) looking so good. It was such a delight to finally meet in Halifax summer 2019 and kayak together – she is a girl after my own heart! It has been a privilege to be part of Sandra’s skin journey!

For today and tomorrow, with an eye on the future

Today Sandra’s program has evolved and is tailored to her current needs – managing today and securing a great future. Following a well-organized daily program and a weekly maintenance facial with the Enzyme Peel, her skin is vibrant, healthy, and glowing.

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