A time for new beginnings…

Dec 15, 2020 | Skin Stories

louise professional skincare in her office

Amidst disruption and challenges this year came a little light of opportunity. For me, a chance to reflect and build something that had been calling to me for a while – the next evolution of my business and a dedicated focus on skin care and skin care services: introducing Louise Green Professional Skincare. This project is very dear to my heart and I am so pleased to be finally sharing it with you.

Revitalizing and improving existing systems and techniques have been a hallmark of my career, so it is no surprise that I eventually arrived here. But that is just one aspect of the equation. The other driving impetus was in response to a call for help I was hearing time and time again.

Skin care has come a long way. Home care products, formulations, treatments, and results have advanced exponentially. And with it more choices, decisions, and an ocean of information to navigate. It is hardly surprising that the prevailing feeling around skin care is confusion. As I witnessed the frustration, exhaustion, and the product-fatigue experienced by so many women I saw it was time for an improved approach.

Louise Green Professional Skin Care and Skin First is my response to the challenge and obstacles facing women in achieving their best skin. Going beyond the simple prescription pad, it considers all the aspects of a well-balanced routine, from the day-to-day steps to future skin and age-management strategies.

It is strange how things work out isn’t it? Little did I think, a few years ago during my first virtual consultation, that it was a sign-post leading this way. Now it has all coalesced – it all makes sense. I have honed product choices and polished therapies and treatments to arrive at a place where beautiful, healthy skin is the outcome no matter where the journey begins. Every day I do work I love designing personalized, thoughtful skin solutions. Beautiful, healthy skin truly is the best reward.

Now more than ever, the time is right for this approach and meaningful level of service. And to be very real for a moment: ask yourself – do you have time, and more significantly the expertise? Well, I certainly do.

Now you know my mission, it would be my pleasure to help you with your skin journey.