Let’s Start at the Beginning

Jan 13, 2022 | Skin Stories

Orange background with text - Let's start at the beginning. A very good place to start

BEGINNINGS are wonderful things.

And yet we can get so caught up in what we haven’t done or accomplished, that we miss out on the beauty of a beginning even before we start.

Hellbent on outcome, we lose sight that an idea, full with potential is something we can return to, and begin – over, and over again – until we reach that sweet spot where effort meets success.

To be sure, there are some not-so-secret but illusive ingredients in this equation, one of which I would say is habit.

I think if beginnings had a soulmate, it would be Habit.

I find that small, simple habits, peppered with consistency and iced with attention pay off in ways far deeper than can be imagined.

I have learned that small steps create momentum and build the kind of foundations that are so very satisfying, and most importantly: sustainable.

Sometimes you have to start small to go big. It’s nothing fancy. Just plain old wash, rinse and repeat. But, this is where the magic begins.

You could be applying this to anything really. It could be me on my Peloton or doing hills in the Gats. But let’s not digress, and for now I’ll spare you! Suffice to say, I love the power of habit.

How about we apply this idea to skincare and that daily morning + night routine. Yes. Of course I’m going there! We all know the reasons why we do it, so I don’t have to repeat the benefits …right?

Instead think about the simple act of beginning.

If multiple steps seem like too much, do less. Even if it is only a 2-step process, something is ALWAYS better than nothing. Start with achievable steps. Enjoy the ritual and the fact that you are completing something. If you want more, it will come.

It really is quite remarkable what can happen, once you begin. And if there’s a way of making skin care a habit, tailored just for you, I’m that person who will help you find it.


Let’s throw some glory
habit’s way,
that plain cousin
of inspiration.

Plodding daily,
ever forward,
without leaps
or fanfare.

by the spark
we assign
to inspiration,
habit goes about
its work slowly,
keeping its promises
and without anyone noticing,
gives life
to dreams.

~ Samantha Reynolds