Is Spending More, Getting More?

Someone asked “are you really getting more when you spend more for skin care – is there really a difference?”

Good question.

I thought about that for a moment before I replied, because the answer is a bit more complex than just comparing cost – in my opinion.

It’s not just about the price – but WHAT you are getting for the price.

Or another way of looking at it; what you THINK you are buying for the money versus what you are ACTUALLY getting …think on that for a moment.

It doesn’t really come down to what you are paying, but what you are buying for the money.

You know so much of this comes down to marketing, right? Right.

Here’s the thing – it’s not so much about what line is better, but the difference between product lines.

Over The Counter vs. Medical Grade Skincare

Simply put, skin care products fall into two categories. Over the counter and medical grade.

Over the counter is considered anything from drug store shelf products all the way up to beauty counter skincare.

Over the counter products are generically created to meet a mass market need, and can be used by pretty much anybody. So by definition, they can only do so much. They are not designed for efficacy but rather to meet a market trend and please a mass market. The marketing thrust is based on a concept of what you are buying into versus a functional skin solution; we’ve all seen the generic skincare that tells you to use this product, do this routine and all these great things will happen.

At the end of the day the key point is this: however good they might look, these products do not have the potency level to affect the level of result they are promising. Let’s face it – Jennifer Anniston does not look the way she does at her age because she uses Aveeno. Seriously?

That’s not to say they over the counter products don’t have a place, and they can work really well – up to a certain point. I was a longtime fan of Vichy and Biotherm, but as I hit my 40’s they were no longer effective. My skin needed more and wasn’t looking so great. Fortunately, I was about to embark on a career in skincare which not only resolved my problem then, but at 60 I can personally attest to the benefits of effective skincare products and particularly medical grade. Not overlooking the knowledge and strategy that need to go with it of course.

What You Get with Medical Grade Skincare

What is significant with medical grade skincare and the results you get?

  • A level of formula and potency that actually goes deeper into the skin
  • It can correct major skin issues like acne and pigmentation.
  • It can truly influence the aging process, both improving the skin and slowing down age progression.
  • It is specific and strategic, not generic. Meaning it can be customized and tailored exclusively for your needs.

I mean, you didn’t come from over the counter did you? So why would you want your skin care that way. And since the whole thrust around this is about looking good, for as long as you can, why not get what you are paying for.

There are so many aspects of this conversation. I hope this helps distinguish the significant difference between products for you.

Remember though, products alone are not the only answer. How they are arranged and how you manage your program over time is a key element in getting results you want – especially later down the line. Ingredients combined with strategy is the winning formula.

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