So about that peeling…

It has been a busy month providing peels. So I thought I would share some of the peeling stages from my own peel that I finally got around to. It is a challenge doing your own peel application to say the least. Lucky you to have me do it for you!

The version of the chemical peel that I do is more cross-fit than boot-camp for your face, so often there is quite a bit of peeling. My face can handle it because my skin is well-maintained and well-primed, making it ready for a peel. That said, when it comes to your peel, I still read what is happening on your skin and do only what it can handle.

Beyond refreshing my skin, my primary goal is to address the general pigmentation on my cheek area, especially after summer cycling. This means 1-2 full face peels and possibly a 3rd focusing just on the cheeks. Easier said than done trying to make it happen, but I did this (more or less) last year and really liked the results. Especially how much clearer my complexion is after the pigmentation is cleaned up. Hint here for my +50/60 crew… anti-aging is not just about wrinkles. A clearer complexion looks younger, too!

Here’s some candid shots for you. No makeup, no filter.

Day 3 Post Peel

The chin/mouth area is always the first to peel (more muscle mass and therefore more build up). See how the areas to the side of the mouth are tightening up and almost ready to go. It had been a little more flaky than this, but I didn’t capture it. Next time!

Day 7 – after my morning shower

This is kind of cool. The chin/nose has finished peeling and you can see the pigment on the cheeks is waiting to lift away. Notice the colour between the freshly peeled skin and what is lifting. What a difference.

Day 8 – light powder application, natural light

All cleaned up! And thinking I need a haircut.

Committing to a series of peels isn’t always easy and timing them can be a bit of a hurdle in a busy schedule. For me, it’s about finding a good spot between workouts which I don’t like to miss. Going through all of the stages post-peel-week (especially the peeling) can be a little inconvenient, but by day 8 I’m so happy with the result I’m ready to do it all over again!

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