I’m going to tell you a little secret:

The reason I started to work with medical grade skincare products was actually all about me. Well, mostly anyway. Let’s put it this way: my skin journey has definitely benefited yours.

In my early forties I shifted the direction of my career to do something I would love and made a leap of faith, entering the field of esthetics. I made a joke at the time that the worst thing that could happen was I would learn how to take good care of myself.

Feeling good, but not 100% sure that I was doing the right thing, the minute my hands touched a face I knew I was in the right place.

Funnily enough, during the winter of my training, I noticed my skin was really dull and blah (hello 43). Some hydrating facial treatments got my skin over the hump and I became curious about the influence of facials and skin care.

Spa Skin Care

Let me tell you something. The whole spa experience – facial, pedicure, manicure, waxing (and spa skin care) thing was a new world to me. Not only in my training, but personally. This was my first exposure to these services and the idea that skin care expertise beyond the beauty counter was a thing.

In the spa world, working with more elevated products (oh yes, and using them) I saw how much you could do for the skin with what we call ‘active’ ingredients. Then as I became more experienced and immersed I saw the benefits, but also the limitations.

Although you could do a lot with these products, certain skin conditions were beyond the scope of the spa facial and skin care. That’s when the solution driver in me started to look around.

Exploring Medical Skincare

It was bound to happen. With facial work and firmly under my belt I would start wondering: what else is there? I became interested in medical peels, especially the idea that they could make changes to the skin. I loved the idea that I could do really good things for my skin with peels.

What intrigued me even more was the benefits of medical skin care and what they could do at home. Graduating from over-the-counter products, Vichy and Biotherm to spa products like Dr. Renaud and Yonka had done great things for my skin during my forties. Now I could enter my fifties with a whole new level of skin care. As I was aging, my skin was actually improving, and holding its own!

This was all good and great for me, but the idea that I could put the power of change into your hands totally thrilled me. Everyone wins!

Fast forwarding some 17 years later I have watched the arena of facial treatments and skin care evolve. The field of medical esthetics has exploded over the years – including the laser and higher power modalities which can do all kinds of things for the face. Within it I have honed my niche, focusing on attainable and sustainable changes and results – but that is another story.


Sustainable Change and Results with Effective Skin Programs

This is a great time for skin care. I know the benefits of elevated skin care and what it can do, because I have lived them – yes, they really do make a difference. As I cross the line at 60, my skin is doing great. The routines I began 10 years ago are paying off now – managing the aging process. Are there things I would like to fix or change? Sure. But I’m ok with that. Looking well, healthy, and vital is what is important to me – looking like the best version of me.

It has been a pretty sweet deal, loving what I do, and benefiting from it. Even better, I can share the love with you too.

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