Dry, itchy, irritated? I feel you.

Apr 29, 2022 | Skin Stories

text graphic - Dry, itchy, irritated? I feel you. Let's solve that seasonal transition problem

I know, I know. It’s kind of the opposite of what you’d think. Coming out of winter, we would expect our skin to improve. But no. It’s the opposite in fact, as I am hearing from so many.

Seasonal transitions can be the worst! After what feels like 2 years of winter I am hearing it from all sides that skin feels dry, itchy and irritated. Well, me too.

The answer? Exfoliation and hydration is what your skin needs right now. Yes, drinking water is always good for the body and the skin, but it won’t resolve the deep dehydration you are feeling on the surface of your face.

So let’s rescue that skin with something you can do easily at home. Exfoliate and Hydrate.


I was totally impressed with how It resolved “crazy, reactive, sensitive and rashy” issues for one of my most sensitive, tricky skin clients. After surviving winter with no issues for the first time ever using AlumierMD, her skin totally bounced back after a couple of weekly applications of Aqua mask.

Step 1. MicroDerm Polish

Before you get to the hydration part, you need to prepare the skin and gently slough off dead cells. MicroDerm Polish is a perfect treatment partner for all skin types.

Step 2. Aqua Mask

Intense hydration (INTENSE PEOPLE!), soothes irritation and helps with barrier function. Exactly what you need to pull your skin through. Apply and leave on for as long as you like. Let’s face it, is anyone leaving the house right now?

To recuperate your skin and leave it glowing and healthy, I would recommend this simple process 2x weekly for two weeks. Think of it as Spring training camp for the skin!