Consistency… In all things

My goal when returning to Italy cycling this year was to be as ready as possible for the hills. Let me tell you, there are many and they go on forever!

That meant putting in some time and work on the bike to prepare. Did I manage to train as much as I would have liked? Nope. Because you can only do so much – life is busy right?

But. I was consistent.

Over the winter I spent time with my Peloton friends and then moved outside this summer to weekly rides to Gatineau Park Champlain Lookout. The couple of times I couldn’t make it to the Gats, I did hill repeats on Blair Hill Road instead.

In lieu of volume I strived for consistency. It’s my mantra when it comes to working out.

Why so?

Well, when you pile small actions – one on top of another, they stack up – into something bigger. And you get results.

Consistency is the quiet giant of success. It’s also the coolest thing ever, because it is within reach, and achievable for all.

Was I as ready as I wanted to be? Nope. But I WAS prepared. Even though my first ride was more challenging than I expected (more due to first ride nerves than anything else), I found my legs and I didn’t die!

And yes, you know what comes next…
It is the same with skin care. Commit to consistency and do your routine morning + night. It’s totally within your reach people.

Guess what happens?

Great skin now, and you’ll receive thanks from yourself in the future.

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