Maybe it is time for back to basics.

Are you on the make-big-changes treadmill this month?

Reflecting on how I wanted to start out the new year, I realized that adding more to my plate just didn’t feel right – that another task (albeit a well-intentioned goal) did not feel healthy.

It became clear that in the face of so many things on the task list, I was not feeling any sense of accomplishment when completing any of them. Instead, I just moved on to the next.

Are we losing the ability to enjoy our progress in the face of constantly being told we need to grow and improve? Moreover, to put it out into the world and display our progress for all to see in a public forum.

Realizing that adding one more thing simply was more burden rather than growth, I sat back and decided to do less – by instead focusing on what I have. To pursue the idea of completing the things that I have on my plate and feeling good about them.

This meant picking tasks that weren’t getting done, were hard to get done and, in particular ones I never felt great after completing. It also meant not worrying about everything else on the list but choosing to put them to one side. Essentially giving myself permission to do that one thing.

Each day of this requires intention and a willingness to commit to this way of being. And so far, so good.

Feeling somewhat liberated from the burden of doing everything (which won’t get done anyway), I am now feeling a better sense of accomplishment not only in the doing, but when completing a task. It’s a work in progress that I hope to continue cultivating.

I did choose two small health/lifestyle intentions for January, both simple and attainable with a view to help me feel well in this transition month.

I don’t feel the need to announce or share, both are for me to enjoy. But, if you see me I won’t hold back – lol.

Wishing you well at the outset of this new year.

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