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No matter who or where you are, great skin is within reach.

We all want to look and feel beautiful and great skin is a key part of that equation. Finding the best skin care products (and plan) is part of the journey to your best skin.

Working with the skin requires a combination of expertise, knowledge, and care. An intelligent approach and methodology backed by clean, science-based skin care products and facial treatments can make radiant, healthy skin a possibility.


It’s all about taking the time to truly understand your needs

My personalized method and approach will address your needs whether in person or virtually!
Begin with a complimentary one-hour conversation and take the first step toward great skin.

Start somewhere.

Great skin does happen at home.

Facial treatments of all kinds, and all levels are available today. They an impactful way to affect change in the skin but… are one piece of the results consideration. Equally, if not more important, is what you put on your skin everyday. And therein lies the challenge. With so many products out there and an abundance of conflicting information from Dr. Google, it can be tough to know where to even begin.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed, or you don’t know where to start. Rest assured, when we meet, this will all melt away. By making time, and taking time with you, I create a well-prepared home care program that is a fully rounded, strategic solution for your best skin.

Great Skin Starts Here.

Leah B.
I’m in my mid-thirties and was looking to treat some hyperpigmentation and get a head start on anti-aging. Louise started me off with a tailored home routine using the AlumierMD products based on an in depth skin assessment. It’s been over 2 months and I already notice a huge improvement in my skin. I have also done one peel and detox treatment with her. The results were fantastic! Louise is extremely thorough, patient and her passion truly shines through. She is an absolute joy to work with.
Rebecca Brown
I was recommended to Louise by two of my friends who go to her and swear by her. I wanted to improve the overall look of my skin by addressing black heads, fine lines, and having both oily and dry skin. I have no clue what to look for in skin care products and I wanted a grown-up skin care regimen (I’m 32). Louise analyzed my skin and gave me products that I would most benefit from. My skin has improved dramatically! I will NOT be going back to the drugstore brands that I was originally using. I most recently went to Louise and had a Rejuvenating peel and I was floored at how young and bright my skin looked! 😍 I’m very happy with how my skin is looking and feeling!
Cait L
Louise was amazing to work with! Can't say enough good things about working with her; you will not be disappointed. What prompted our visit was my husband's face breaking out with cystic acne and his serious discomfort. Louise did a full assessment of our skin and built individual routines for each of us based on our skin's needs. Best part, we are able to share some products, and the routines are EASY to follow. Louise gives very detailed instructions and anecdotes on how you can keep on top of your routine. She also had us sample a few products before purchasing full size to make sure our skin reacted the right way. The products are medical grade, yet surprisingly affordable. After years of using "high end" very expensive products, I am so happy to have medical grade products that I can afford, and perform even better. We even discussed the new trend of tween skin care. If you have a tween who wants in on the action, take them to Louise for a SAFE routine that won't hurt their skin. We are using one of her facial SPF on our kids on days they need it and a basic cleanse to rinse it off.
Carolyn Rumsey
I first visited Louise in 2019, just a few months before my wedding. I had been struggling with messy clusters of acne on each of my cheeks that weren't going away, and I was desperate and frustrated. I trusted Louise immediately- she radiates warmth, kindness and professionalism, with a touch of humour. She worked some sort of miracle in just a few months and I had glowing skin on my big day. I continue to trust Louise with my skin, and I could not recommend her enough to anyone in need of help. She is incredibly patient, taking the time to educate her clients and help them understand her treatment plans. Her passion for her work is evident and you will not regret seeking her expertise.
Anna Kim
Louise is wonderful and has taught me so much about my skin and skincare. Before I met her, I was selecting products based on Google reviews and things that I thought I knew. My skin has never felt or looked better. Her studio is spa like and calming and I really enjoy my visits there. If you are looking to better your skin and skincare regimen, don't look any further!
Sara Rhazi
I had my first consultation with Louise yesterday, and it was beyond my expectations. Louise is incredibly patient and dedicated, giving her attention throughout the session. It was my first deep skin analysis, and she provided me with a wealth of advice regarding my skin and products. The quality of the products she uses is very good .What impressed me the most is Louise's personalized skincare routine based on my skin's specific needs after the consultation! If you're searching for a place that truly cares about your skincare, I highly recommend Louise Green. I can't wait for my next session!
Mila Pavlovic
I started seeing Louise back in 2017. At that time, I really lacked a skin care routine with products that worked specifically for my skin. Now, years later I know which products work for me (I've been using Alumier), even though they are a bit more expensive than products you can get at Shoppers or Sephora, they are medical grade and make a massive difference in the quality of your skin. Another big part of seeing Louise is the educational aspect...I've learned a ton about caring for my skin and creating a routine and habits that make me feel good about looking in the mirror. Start with the basics and check out Louise if you are struggling like I was seven years ago, your skin will be happy you did!
Corina Hernandez-Muñoz
Like many, I came to Louise without hope. I was approaching 30 and still had painful, hormonal acne after years of trying everything under the sun. 3 rounds of accutane, many antibiotics, all the prescription topical creams and every TikTok skincare promise you can imagine, I tried. I believed myself to be a lost cause and genuinely doubted Louise could do anything for me, but boy was I wrong! Louise changed everything for me! I was three months away from my wedding and just wanted to see if I could get the bigger bumps on my skin gone and Louise managed to give me CLEAR skin that I’m so proud of. I could honestly cry from the incredible transformation that has taken place! Louise took care of me, measured her success against the progress my skin was making. She was totally invested in making sure I felt beautiful for my wedding day and I’m pleased to say that this Saturday I will! I HIGHLY recommend Louise! Trust her with your skin, stay committed to the program, be prepared for treatments and I promise you will see great progress!
Hannah Robertson
I had my first skin consultation appointment with Louise last week. I have never seen any esthetician's prior to seeing Louise and I was unsure of what to expect from the appointment. Louise is incredibly kind, gentle and lovely to talk to. She has an extreme wealth of knowledge not only about the products she uses, but about skin in general and good skin habits. You can tell Louise is truly passionate about her career, and she puts so much effort into ensuring you are comfortable and helping you to understand your own skin and the products she uses. The first appointment taught me so much about my skin, skincare, makeup, and things I had never even considered before the appointment. I so enjoyed my time with Louise and I am looking forward to our skin journey together. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to learn more about their skin and medical grade skincare to contact Louise. Not to mention her space is beautiful and incredibly clean! Thank you Louise 🙂
Mr. Ziggy
My daughter went to her dermatologist appointment today after a 15-month wait. The doctor was very impressed with her skin and said "What Beautiful Work" you did! We are so grateful for your care and support. We appreciate that you are here for us on this journey. Your wealth of knowledge can never be underestimated. Thank you so much, Mother of Client

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