I Tried the Observ Scanner On My Skin – Here’s What Happened

Investing in the OBSERV 520x facial scanner felt like a natural fit when I think of my approach to home care plans. I believe in an intelligent approach to skincare – one in which I build your skin care plan in a very structured way. Part of the reason that I work in this way, is to make it easy for you to learn about your specific skin and what it needs. 

Let’s face it – I’ve always loved structure and analysis. A thorough assessment process is a key pillar of my skin care consultations (and our ongoing work together), because it allows me to make the most effective product recommendations for you. 

So how does OBSERV complement that approach? 

How Observ Works

It occurred to me that skincare formulations have seen major advancements and have become much more complex and effective in the process. Yet, the assessment process towards product recommendations has not evolved in the same way. 

Until recently, it only relied on knowledgeable advice and asking the right questions, without any physical proof of the issue at hand. We are human, and we want to see it to believe it. 

With the OBSERV facial scanner, I am now able to show you the visual representation of the condition that your skin is in, and create meaningful conversation around why certain products will help you make the changes you so desire. See for yourself.

I Had To Try It

Are you surprised? When I received the OBSERV scanner, the first thing I did was test the condition of my own skin. I was beyond curious. Of course, being the passionate skin  enthusiast that I am, I have diligently followed a thorough routine with medical skincare for many years. I’m very happy with how my skin looks, but I wanted to find out if the health of my skin translated below the surface.

Once I received my facial scan, I was surprised about the results relating to pigmentation and sun damage that affected my skin. What I saw on the surface was very different from what was underneath!

Adjusting My Own Skin Care Strategy

The immediate result of my OBSERV scan was how it changed my approach to treating pigmentation on my skin. I was only treating the areas I could see, which was mostly my cheek area, versus the skin as a whole. OBSERV allowed me to see below the surface and apply a preventive approach to my skincare moving forward. 

Above: Pigmentation below the surface indicated to me where I should focus my preventative efforts. It’s not just about what I can already see!

We always want to know and see that we are doing the right things. Seeing the scan confirmed that what I am doing for my skin was working – that it is managing the surface and keeping it clear. It validated my program and my commitment to my skin but also showed me where I needed to put in more effort. 

A Meaningful Approach to Your Best Skin

Conversation, evaluation and exploration are the cornerstones to producing meaningful advice and recommendations. Complimenting it with scanning technology deepens that evaluation and provides evidence in black and white (and purple!) that cannot be mistaken. Often used as a scare mongering tactic because of what it can show below the surface, I prefer to think that OBSERV shows us what we need to know in order to make the best decisions for ourselves. It provides us with more information that is accurate and cannot be disputed.

If you’ve been wanting to update your skincare routine, booking a complimentary skincare consultation with me is a great place to start. The one hour long consultation involves the use of the OBSERV facial scanner followed by an in depth evaluation of the current state of your skin, a look at your skin goals and recommendations on how we can move forward to get you there.

Book a consultation, and see for yourself!

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