OBSERV® Facial Scanner

OBSERV® analyzes deep below the skin’s surface to gather valuable information about your skin’s unique needs.

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A deep skin analysis

Choosing the right products and treatments is key to healthy, beautiful skin. A skin assessment becomes more complete, accurate, and evident with facial skin imaging.

OBSERV® skin imaging technology captures in detail not only what is happening on the surface of the skin, but what lies below – giving you insights into potential future skin issues. This scanning technology gathers a clear view of factors like sun damage (pigmentation), texture, wrinkle formation, skin irritation, vascularity and more. Deeper insight of what is truly happening means we can specifically treat your skin’s unique needs and prevent future issues.

Full information on your skin completes the picture of what we need to know – confirming what you see, and what is not yet visible to the eye. Now we can make the most accurate decisions on how to best treat your skin today, and look after it for tomorrow. Being truly informed is the foundation to achieving and keeping healthy radiant skin.

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Modern technology for your best skin

The observ® 520x scanner

The OBSERV® 520X scanner is a diagnostic imaging system that analyzes the skin’s condition and patterns, going beyond the surface and deep into the layers of your skin.

Wondering how it works? OBSERV® uses a safe, low intensity dose of fluorescent UV rays to penetrate into the skin, capturing different skin image views for an advanced skin diagnosis. With 6 different imaging modes, each provides an accurate view of different skin condition factors. The patent-pending skin fluorescence technology offers skin diagnosis that is a level above other similar imaging tools.

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