Here for you through your skin care journey.

Louise with coffee - professional Skincare consultant
Louise with coffee - professional Skincare consultant

My Story

At 43 I found myself standing in an esthetics classroom, hoping my instincts were correct. Between a hunch and a layoff, a door opened, and I had stepped into the world of skin care. The clues were always there, but we only see clearly when we are ready to see clearly, and I finally was.

I am an organizer and people person. Past work translated successfully into operational roles where I earned a reputation as someone who could get things done. Systems and procedures came naturally, and while challenging and satisfying, something was missing.

“Often the difference between okay and great skin is the tweaking of right ingredients and actions – simple yet so impactful.”

Louise headshot - professional Skincare consultant
It may sound cliché, but I wanted to combine passion in my work with my love for people. We spend a good part of our life working, so why not be passionate about it? The satisfaction of working and the purpose in it needed to be intertwined so I stayed the course, even when the road ahead was unclear.

Now it has coalesced – it all makes sense. I have honed product choices and polished therapies and treatments to arrive at a place where beautiful, healthy skin is the outcome no matter where the journey begins. Every day I do work I love designing personalized, thoughtful skin solutions. Beautiful, healthy skin is the best reward.

Louise headshot professional Skincare consultant