Skin First.

Start with skin first, and watch the rest fall into place.

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Healthy, glowing skin is not a one-time fix.

It requires daily attention.

Many of us have spent countless hours pursuing the perfect solution at great cost. Bouncing from product to product, overwhelmed by information and, sometimes, questionable advice. There is so much out there, and yet results still elude us.

Sound familiar?

The truth is skin care doesn’t have to be complicated.

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In the challenge to find the right skincare solution, the most important fact is often overlooked – your skin story.

The Skin First Approach

It starts with a deep dive.

We begin with a discovery session. Keeping it simple, this one-hour skin consultation is complimentary, available in-person or virtually online.

Understanding that your skin is uniquely yours I collect the necessary information and design the best solution for you.


Both virtual and in-person sessions are available!

How it Works

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The Deep Dive

We meet (online or in person) to talk through everything – your skin goals, concerns, health history, habits, product usage and more! Gathering this valuable information is vital to building your comprehensive skin care plan.

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Precision Prescription

Taking all your needs into account, analyzed with the options and combinations available, a custom plan is prepared to fit you and your skin – for today, tomorrow and with a view to the future.

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Comprehensive Skin Care Plan

The Skin First Report is your unique and individual summary outlining all the elements and options of your recommended program – the components, step and strategy, plus the thought process behind it.

The Skin First Report

what makes it so great

The Skin First Report is created with you in mind. Easy to read and simple to follow it outlines daily steps and order of application, weekly maintenance instructions, plus relevant options, and ideas for your skin.

Arranged in a way that makes sense and helps you understand your program and possibilities, it is the central frame of reference we build upon. Whether replenishing products, opting for treatments, or addressing shifts in your skin, future decisions are informed and can be intelligently made.

Your skin story is shared; your program formulated; you are on the road to great skin with a guide to support you every step of the way.


What people are saying

quotation marksMy skin looks the best it has in decades. I will forever be in Louise’s debt for helping me look and feel the way I do!


quotation marksWhat stood out for me is how much she truly cares about fixing my skin versus just selling me products.


Skin Stories

Success stories of embracing the process and finding great skin, plus some useful advice.

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Sandra’s Skin Story

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A time for new beginnings…

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